After redesigning AJOFM’s website, we got to work on the project SPUNE-82 – a program that aims to aid people under 30 years old in their job search. We’re particularly excited about this idea and we searched to find the right fit for this distinctly impressive venture.


So, you’ve read that Spune-82 is specifically centered towards the young demographic but we haven’t tod you that it’s supposed to encompass info from 4 other websites (including one we redesigned – AJOFM Timis, so we’re kind of proud about that). Our task was creating a clean and easy readable website while maintaining a few standards imposed by the financers of the project (we’re talking about European Union funding after all).


Delivering a great looking & functional, 100% responsive website within a limited timeframe and budget while maintaining business standards and objectives is never an easy job. But then again, as Milton Friedman – there’s no such thing as a free lunch. To boot, our client was in need of a clean and easy to use WordPress platform – and to sweeten the pot, we added our expertise on implementing Google Analytics.



Talk about a large audience! Their target contains individuals from all kinds of backgrounds – and we do mean all kinds – from construction workers to young professionals and from unemployed people to the ones who want to change workplaces or start their own business, this website engages each of them.


In the current digital age, a website is a strong tool to be used – and our client knows that. They wanted a clean and nicely structured website – and we did just that. We started with a classic pen-on-paper approach, building a wireframe and site-map from scratch. Mock-ups discussed with the client help us shape our direction and reduce the number of changes made while developing – which in turn reduces the time-frame needed to build such a large site; that works brilliantly for both parties involved.


We’ve chosen the Merriweather typeface for this website – its open forms combined with sturdy serifs and subtly condensed letterforms help us achieve a classy and fashionably elegant look.

Color Scheme

The color scheme was a no-brainer here. We went with a light grey and white style precisely because it’s easy on the eyes and provides an easily readable format for this text-heavy website.


Client’s happy, we’re happy – but does it cut it? We’re now watching the unemployment levels in and around Timis. We’ll be sure to post timely updates, keep an eye out for them.