“The Future has a Collective Author” is the motto for the Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair, one of the most long-standing events of it’s kind in Romania, having just celebrated its tenth anniversary. For this, a simple and effective campaign was created – and now 100 people from all sorts of creative ventures that support the idea now wear specially designed T-shirts.


Task at hand was to create clean portraits of people wearing the Autor T-shirt. Sometimes, working with such high-powered individuals with busy lives tends to give us a bit of a scheduling nightmare, so the photo-shoot had to span over a couple of days. Carrying the same atmosphere in different places and days is a bit tricky, but nothing that a bit of careful focus on details can’t solve.


At the same time, preserving the character of each individual was an issue. Most photos are shot in the subject’s own work space, lending a peek behind the industry’s curtains. All shots were taken in natural or available lightning providing a more relaxed and comfortable setting.