Obligo is a Bucharest-based improv theater group with over 500 shows to date that also deliver creative team-buildings, workshops, MC services for private or corporate events and many such skills.

After attending a few trademark Obligo shows we fell in love with their playful and mischievous nature. Whilst observing their spirit and cooking up a design, we thought we would add a bit of structure to the world of playful havoc that Obligo wreaks on stage. Thus came to life a minimalist and clean design with a dash of mystery that complements these five friendly actors. After all, their motto is
nu stim, improvizam!” (Romanian for “we don’t know, we improvise).


We had the assignment of creating a brand-new visual statement that speaks to both their target audience and potential clients. Obligo is a really forward thinking and bold crew so they needed a great proposal from the get-go.


Our duty was delivering a clean-cut complete redesign that blends well with this hilarious crew.
Providing a design that amazes both potential fans and clients was our target – we like to think that we design for our client’s clients. As well, an easy to use Content Management System was necessary for easy updating and adding new events and gigs.

Audience Engagement

There’s a running joke in the industry that concerns clients with a target audience of “males and females, located anywhere, aged 10 and upwards”. Instead, working with Obligo we noticed a clear division of key targets.

Fans And Followers

Basically, people that enjoyed the show and are interested in keeping an eye on further developments.


HR Managers interested in team-buildings or theater workshops, event developers and performance venue directors.


Obligo is a well-established group of masters of human emotion. That being said, they need an extraordinary website that lets them shine with their own wit and personality. We figured we would add a touch of parallax scrolling – this means that the background moves more slowly than the foreground, creating a surprisingly fresh aspect.


In our search of finding the perfect typeface we scoured the web until we found the one suitable for such a challenge. We picked a Sans-Serif font named Lato for it’s distinct neat looking letters. It’s strong letters and powerful impact matches Obligo’s characteristics as one of Romania’s top improv theater groups.

Color Scheme

This was a tricky one. Working closely with our client we agreed on a more conservative approach based on a palette of grey, white and black with yellow accents that derivate from Obligo’s bright light bulb. The decisive factor was their vibrant personality that’s complemented gorgeously by this classy color scheme.


“We’re glad to have chosen morf for our website – loved working with them and what came out. We really believe their chosen style perfectly complemented our theater personas. Hat’s off for that!”

- Bogdan Untila, Founder -