AJOFM’s specialty is dealing with workforce and workplace issues. Targeting both employers, employees and the unemployed, the site’s structure and content had to be easy to navigate through and easy to upload new information as well. It was a challenging task – but our team loves a good challenge.


The task at hand was redesigning AJOFM’s website and turning it into a more user-friendly interface with easily accessible content. The job was devising a new clean and dignified corporate look while keeping a modern touch in mind.


Keeping a fresh new look while maintaining all the old content was a tricky job – AJOFM has lots of info on their website catered to a wide range of audience. As well, a user-friendly CMS interface was required – such a gigantic website is bound to have ever-evolving information updated periodically.

As well, we had to rebuild a new sitemap with a more audience-engaging feel to it. Thinking up new ways to structure the information presented was a difficult task and we like to think we’ve done a good job (the irony of working for the unemployment people just hit us)


As with any site, we keep in mind our client’s clients. In this particular case, considering AJOFM deals with all work-related issues, their audience translates to the following categories.

Unemployed people

Well, title’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Anyway, this audience segment concerns people who are unemployed or are about to be, offering much needed information regarding various issues that arrive when losing a job.


Catered towards people that are able to provide a job for others, offering support and consulting services. As well, the site provides useful info that may concern anyone with workplace issues and questions.


Having to keep in mind that we are in fact designing for a kind of government powered agency, we had to build the website in a corporate tone but with subtle stylish undertones. We opted again for a 100% responsive design – meaning that the website automatically adapts to fit any gadget. We chose a
wide-paged design to aid such an information-heavy website.


We ended up going with a two font combo for this one. Museo Slab is a perfect font for a modern cut whilst retaining the legibility and clarity of the classic Museo typeface. A touch of panache was added by the use of the PT Sans – a font that’s based on Russian sans serif from the second part of the 20th century and at the same time holding contemporary humanistic designs.

Color Scheme

Our main goal was keeping it clean and simple
– and we believe that our minimalist approach serves best for our client’s purpose. We exported the logo’s colors to the whole website as we feel they are a good fit – considering that the white and purple combo is an immemorial color for the proud people of Timisoara, carrying deep –seated meaning cultural significance.


“It’s surprisingly fresh and efficient. Perfect fit for us! Easily readable and modern – we’re glad to have worked with Morf.” 

- Alin Latcu, IT Consultant -