We love working, playing, creating and evolving. Here you can find our works and clients that range from high-caliber corporate structures to theatre acts and musicians



Be it advertising, digital, motion, branding, print or other fields that need solid design, we have expertise and knowledge in all those areas and all the new and fresh ideas needed to create outstanding solutions that connect to your audience. We are design explorers that love the journey done side-by-side with our clients, searching to bridge the gap between creativity and business outcomes.


Bucharest based creative design studio. Interactive and independent creative cluster. Morf is a team of designers, developers, illustrators, forward-thinkers and ground breakers. Specialized in idea driven design, we bring to the game a love for technology and our passion for art. Basically, we help brands shine their true colors, express themselves and connect on a more personal level with consumers.


High powered art director. Carrying lots of experience in all things design, he turns hard hours of work into beautiful products. Perpetually innovative in his work, he will sketch, draw, play, combine, erase, panic and create in order to find that unique touch that bring out the current project’s highlights.


Friendly account manager. With a previous background of managing and creating festivals and other beautiful events, he is a natural peace keeper and always aims that both the audience and the team are happy. The one you meet up with over a cup of coffee to talk shop, ideas, dreams, art & business.


Damn fine graphic artist. Never leaves the house without having something to draw with. She’s the youngest on our team but probably the most driven and ambitious. History of participating in all kinds of visual contests and doing collaborative international work, she’s one to follow and a great addition to the team.


Ionut is a naturally creative and driven photographer with an eye for all things beautiful. With lots of previous experience in coordinating teams of photographers at various Romanian festivals and events, he loves to add true depth and perspective to his works so the essence of his subjects can shine through.


Interested in doing work with us or learning more about Morf? Contact Calin through one of the channels listed below. Pre-coffee hours are already rough for everyone, so please call after 9:00 AM (GMT+2)

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